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Container Transport
High and Heavy


The service is being offered in the form of
- “through” transport service from the place of cargo receipt to the consignee’s warehouse
- oncarriage service (truck or rail) from the port of entry to the final destination


Our service is offered in the form “door place of loading “ - port of destination

Main routes:

Mediterranean - C.I.S.

We arrange containers’ delivery from the ports of the Mediterranean
- via Black Sea ports of Ukraine
- via the ports of the Baltics and Finland

Mostly competitive conditions are offered on the following routes:
Turkey – Russia
Spain – Russia
Portugal – Russia
Morocco – Russia
Israel – Russia
Greece – Russia

W. Europe – Russia and backwards

Weekly sailings are being offered from the ports of Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany to the ports of Baltic countries, S. Petersburg and Finland in transit to the inland destinations and vice-versa.

India, South-East Asia - C.I.S.

Transport is based on liner services of the leading container operators to the ports of Ukraine, Russia, Baltics and Finland.

Further delivery is performed by us in close cooperation with the customer, taking into account customer’s wishes as to the way of transport and specific features of the routing chosen.




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